Borrow Money Apps Can Make Your Lives Miserable! Learn How?

Apps promise convenience but can risk privacy and financial stability. Borrow money apps, despite benefits, can lead to debt spirals.

Make our lives better

Nowadays there are millions of apps on Play Store that help us in our daily lives. Apps help us schedule daily activities, shop online, enjoy entertainment, and stay connected with friends and family. They also assist with work tasks like attending meetings, collaborating, sharing work, accessing resources, making deals, and analyzing data. There are apps for everything. All we need to do just download it from the Google Play Store or Apple Store and just like that only one click away. That’s all you need!

☠️Can also make our lives worse

Though these apps are designed to improve our lives, they can make our lives worse if not used carefully! How you asked?

Borrow Money Apps Can Make Your Lives Miserable like this, women sitting in bed looking in a phone in a misery

Some apps use our data, so we should avoid downloading apps from unknown sources. Never, I mean ever, put your personal information like your mobile number or any sensitive media such as images or videos online. Always be careful with the permissions you give to these apps. Hackers can control your camera, audio, media, SMS, and call logs.

Google does want to protect you but it will not be able to if you won’t allow it to. If you permit random unknown apps, hackers will surely get you!

But today, we are gonna talk about how apps from even trusted sources can ruin your life without hacking you. As a college student, you might know about these apps called borrow money apps. Their primary target is college students and working professionals.

👨‍💼Working Professionals

I would say that when it comes to working professionals they probably have knowledge of money and know how to save it for use in times of crisis but sometimes however much we try we need money or an advanced payment and it is always a bother to ask our boss for an early salary (only if you have a rude boss). That’s when these apps come! You can register, follow the process, get approved, and obtain an advance salary whenever you want. Now when I say advance salary remember that it’s not an actual salary but you’re borrowing money from these apps. So you will have to return this money next month or you can choose to pay it in installments. As a working professional, you’re salaried and you’re sure to pay the money or at least you will have the money which you will return.

But what concerns me are college students.

🧑‍🎓College Students

College students don’t earn the money. Apologies I mean they don’t earn too much money because you can always get a part-time job unless you’re an influencer or a rich kid or maybe an entrepreneur. A college student from a middle-class family is the biggest target who gets scammed by these apps.

They sometimes borrow more than they can return and these apps if you don’t pay them on time threaten you, contact your friends and family, file a complaint, and in some cases visit your campus premises. And when that happens it doesn’t only stay limited to the money but the overall mental and social impact on the student who took the money. We can say that students are partially at fault. But hey, who thinks too much about at that age? You can’t expect students to handle money responsibly. That’s why they are student and that is why they are learning right?

📖The Real Story

If you’re a student or professional you should handle the money responsibly. Otherwise, you sometimes need to pay the price like I did!

When I was in my first year, I was tech-savvy and used to explore all kinds of technology, websites, and applications without considering the consequences. I used to download them from trusted and unknown sources.

🦠My PC got hacked for the first time!

When I was in sixth grade, my cousin bought me my first PC, which was second-hand and had been in her office. They didn’t need it anymore, so my sister brought it into our home. Honestly, it was pretty much a new desktop, and with a slim monitor, I still have it. I used to play Counter Strike 1.6 on it. I didn’t know it also had Half-Life which comes with CS 1.6 for like 6 months. Then I started playing Half-Life. I spent a week stuck at the door until I realized they were just talking for too long. And I was just impatient.

Anyway, after some time the file became corrupted I didn’t know what happened. My friend’s friend who also took a game from me told me that when he plugged the USB it said Trojan Horse virus detected! I understood what happened. I said okay and I deleted everything. The next day my sister formatted my PC.

🦠My PC got hacked again! It was a different one though.

I was in my first year and I built a gaming place known for cheapest electronics. After that, my friend the same one from before came to me again and told me about the Fitgirl Repack version of Far Cry 5. And I who was too excited to think just went on and downloaded it. But do you know what Fitgirl Repack is?

Unless you’re a fan of a game, you may not know this, but pirates create versions of expensive paid games like Far Cry. You can download it from unknown sites but they don’t allow you to play multiplayer I guess!

So I downloaded it and it got hacked again! All files got corrupted and had a .npsk extension to all of them. This time there was a note on it saying “To recover the files pay $499 in 4 days or you’ll have to pay $999 after that.” As a college student, I was worried but hell I cared about those files I just formatted on my PC. Like even if I had the money I would still prefer to say goodbye to those unnecessary files and go eat and drink in sadness than to pay them.

🤑I started using borrow money apps

As I said I used to explore all kinds of apps I stumbled on this app called MPokket. And applied as I thought it was an interesting app and I could use it in emergencies. Emergencies my foot! Soon I started to borrow money for even small things. Initially, the borrowing limit was Rs. 500 ($6 approximately). However, due to frequent usage, the limit was extended to Rs. 5000. I found myself borrowing Rs. 2000-3000, which was too much for me to pay back in one month. So I keep using the installment method to stall for time. After that I started something ridiculous I started borrowing money to pay off my old debt and it kept building.

The worst part was the monthly interest for that was 10%. Now it was easy when I was borrowing 500 I needed to pay 50 extra but for 5000 I needed to pay 500. I didn’t money to my parents out of fear but sometimes I asked for my friends. Then one day I installed one more app Slicepay to pay off the MPokket debt and again borrowed from MPokket to pay Slicepay’s debt and it kept repeating till the interest went too high to pay.

SlicePay had a lower interest rate, but MPokket was better with a 10% interest rate. Additionally, if you applied for Rs. 500, you received Rs. 450 as they deducted Rs. 50 as processing fees. Also if I get even one hour late they will call me and start to ask for money. One of my friends hadn’t paid his debt and I received called saying your friend hasn’t paid the debt please tell him to pay. “I was like, ‘Dude, how did you get my number?'” Then I remembered we had provided contact permissions, and they also had our home and school/college addresses. The contract mentioned they could visit the campus if necessary. I paid all my debt as soon as I received my first internship salary.

After that, I saw news that because of these apps few students have committed suicide and the government put many restrictions on them.

💰Which borrow money apps should you use?

Still, if you wanna use these apps please be careful.

I would recommend Slicepay which is renamed as Slice now. At first, they started it only for college students but now it is available for professionals too. They also provide UPI, Debit cards, wallets, Credit Scores, shopping discounts, and much more. Just the other day I saw someone using a Slice Debit Card.

So it’s just not me but everyone is using it.

You can get it from here.

How To Stay Safe?

  • Always download apps, software, and other files from trusted sources.
  • Always check what permission you have to those apps.
  • Never provide too much information about yourself.
  • Never upload Sensitive content about yourself or your friends and family.
  • Never visit untrusted sites unless you have antivirus protection.
  • Always have an antivirus even if costs a few dollars it can save thousands or millions of worth of data.
  • And always be careful with apps that are related to finance and other sensitive things.

Hope you’ll never have to encounter such things. Stay healthy and safe!

If you liked this article do comment and tell us. It will keep us motivated to write more articles like this in the future. Sayonara!

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